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UKC Basketball Club
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Team Captain

The captains of each team must check in with the score table before the start of the game.

Players / Number of Players

Each team will consist of a maximum of 4 players. Teams must have at least 2 players to start the game. A 3 minute grace period will be allowed before a forfeit with 2 players is declared (unless there was a scheduling issue by the tournament staff). You must forfeit with 0 or 1 players. For Co-ed teams, there must be at least one female on the court at all times.

Who Starts

A coin toss before the game determines which team will get the ball first. The ball must be checked in by the defense and play begins after the first pass from


Players may not wear a guard, cast, metal brace or other potentially dangerous equipment on an elbow, hand, wrist, finger or forearm. This includes equipment made of hard leather, plastic, metal or plaster that is covered with soft padding. Soft braces, sleeves and wraps will be allowed as long as they don’t pose a danger to other players.

Baskets & Balls

8' basket and Youth 27.5 sized ball for K-2nd grade (RugRats). 10' baskets and Women 28.5 sized ball will be used for all youth games for grades third through six and for all games involving female only divisions. A full-sized ball will be used for all other games.


No "AND 1”

All fouls result in the fouled player taking 1 free throw if fouled inside the arc and 2 free throws if fouled outside the arc. After the free throws, a change of possession will result, regardless of whether the free throw(s) is made. If the original play shot is made there is “NO AND 1”.

Only the official / court monitor can call an intentional, flagrant or technical foul


A flagrant foul may be of a violent nature or an act which displays unacceptable behavior. It may also involve dead ball contact or dialogue which is extreme, persistent, savage or abusive. A flagrant foul results in one free throw and possession for the offended team. The player committing the flagrant foul is suspended for the rest of the game and may be expelled from the tournament, determined by the Official and/or Tournament Official. Only the official can call a flagrant foul.


Players, coaches, and fans must remain respectful to officials and opponents at all times. A technical foul shall result in one free throw and possession for the opposing team.



Play to 15, “No win by 2”. All made baskets inside the arc are 1 point. All made baskets outside the arc are 2 points. The first team to score 15 points or the team with the highest score at the end of regulation, wins. “No win by 2”.


No dunking allowed at any time. Those dunking may be asked to leave the tournament. All decisions made by the Official or a Tournament Official are final.


In all Adult & High School divisions, players will call their own fouls (more specifically, the player who was fouled will call the foul). The Official will intervene as necessary. All youth divisions will have the Official call the game.

Take Back ANYWHERE behind the arc

The ball will be considered "taken back" on any live possession change when the players two feet are ANYWHERE behind the arc, even the sides. If a team fails to take the ball back, play will be interrupted and the team with the ball will have to start possession over with a checked ball at the Top of the Arc.

Check Ball In

All dead balls are checked in at the Top of the Arc. The defense shall not challenge an entry pass received in the back court (behind the TOP of the ARC). The defender can immediately be “on” the person receiving that pass.


The ball will change possession after scored baskets. There is no "Make it take it" rule.

Jump Ball

Alternating possessions will be used for all jump balls.

Out of Bounds

A ball out of bounds will be checked in at the top of the Arc. The basket structure, padding, supports and all court boundary lines are considered out of bounds.
2 Pt Arc All made baskets behind the 2-point arc count as 2 points, all other made baskets count as 1 point.

Sub Players

Substitutions may be made during a timeout or a "dead ball" situation.


The time limit is announced by the emcee and official/court monitor. If there is a tie, the Overtime rule is in effect.


The first team to score wins.

Tie Breaker - pool play

The tie breaker for pool play will be least points allowed. 

10 second rule

If a team is intentionally stalling, the official / court monitor will invoke the 10 second count which means that a team has 10 seconds to attempt a shot or else forfeit possession.

Other Issues

In-game decisions and rule interpretations of Court Monitors and Officials or other tournament staff are final. There is no appeal process! Designated tournament officials shall have the power to make decisions on any points not covered specifically in the rules and regulations. These officials shall also have the right to interpret the intent and application of these rules.